Living Alaska: Week 2


Monday June 22nd

I forgot to mention how I finished the day off. We had community night as a group so we went to the park and hung out. After that, several of us students gathered in the boys apartment to just do some praise and worship. It was unorganized, but very meaningful and fun. It was the first time I actually sang without hesitation or anxiety as well. It was such a great and overwhelming feeling of God’s power and grace flowing down on me.

Tuesday June 23rd

Today was quite a full day. We woke up at our usual time and started the morning with small group devotional time. This is our chance to just sit with one another, without talking, and reflect on God’s word. It’s a wonderful way to start the day and is something I can continue to do as I return home. After our devotional time we met in our life groups. This group consists of about six of us and two staff members. We go over a devotional story and another book that we are all collectively reading. It allows us to connect with one another and God. After discussing our book and devotion we all met together and discussed the rest of the days plan. We split up into groups of four and went to local Boys and Girls Clubs. I do love kids, but I was feeling drained today and my heart was not 100 percent in it at first. I realized how hard these kids’ lives were though, so I sucked up my pity and decided to build some relationships with various children. They really seemed to enjoy our presence and said they cannot wait for us to return next week. After volunteering we returned to eat dinner, have a little praise and worship, and then we did corporate prayer. This is where we split up into small groups and went through the ACTS prayer method together. We prayed over scripture, wrote down confessions, praised God, and asked for his mercy and forgiveness. It was very calming and a great way to connect with the Lord. After our prayer time we all split off to do our own things. I had a chance to have really great and meaningful conversation with some close friends that I am making here. That was then followed by an impromptu game of cards with one of the guys and just a fun time of hanging out. After ending cards and settling in for the night a few of the girls and I sat in our living room and engaged in very deep conversation and just opened up. It was a great way for us to let go, receive, and offer advice. This went on until about three AM when we finally decided to call it a night.

Wednesday June 24, 2015

Today started off like usual, with devotion time and reflection. After doing devotions we started with some experiential learning. This is where we go outside and learn hands on. Today we talked about grace and truth and how we should strive for that in our relationships, especially with God. After this activity we moved on to another one that was representative of how we are here trying to reach the lost. Some of us were hidden and represented different character traits of the lost. My trait was curiosity. I was representing someone who is a non-believer, but curious about God. Other people were in charge of finding us and trying to have us come follow them. It was a really cool way to have our mission purpose represented physically. During the activity time we also experienced a minor earthquake. It was about a 5.7 magnitude. I honestly had no idea what was happening. I all of a sudden felt the building structure, of where I was hiding, shake and saw everything swaying. I just thought someone was coming down the stairs, but I was wrong. God used this time to help me feel lost and lonely as I waited for those searching for us. That may sound like a bad thing, but it was God’s way of putting into perspective that there are people out there who are lost and lonely and are waiting for his call. That was cool to feel and experience. After our activity, all of us students had family dinner and then moved into processing time. Processing time is where we have to be in solitude, the rest of the night, reflecting and just being with God. I used my processing time to do devotion, read a spiritual book, and just write a prayer to God. It made me realize how I really need to have more time like this with him in my daily life.

Thursday June 25th

Today we woke up and did our devotionals like usual. Followed by devotionals was on campus evangelism time. My friend Lydia and I paired up to go find people. Campus was pretty dead at first, but around 12:00 we finally found some people who were lining up for a barbeque on campus. This was the prime opportunity for all of us to meet some new people. Lydia and I met two young girls who are studying to be nurses. They were super sweet and loved that we wanted to talk with them. One was a Christian and seemed to be interested in Cru and the other was curious, but didn’t really assign herself to any denomination. It was a great time to just be able to talk and hangout with them. After our evangelism time we debriefed and went over different mechanisms of reaching people. It was a nice time of discussion and a time to map out our goals for the mission. Once our training time was over all of the girls separated from the guys and we had dinner, processing time, and girl’s night basically. It was a lot of fun and it carried on into the morning.

Friday June 26th

Today was a pretty interesting day. It started with a great devotional and sharing time in our small devo groups. We decided to do it at the coffee shop to switch things up. After our devotional time we headed back to campus and some of us shared with one another what we had talked about in our groups. That created a little bit of conflict. It was our first time dealing with conflict on the mission, but we resolved it in an effective and timely manner. After we shared and rested a little bit we gathered into our life groups. These are co-ed small groups used to discuss a book we are reading and devotions. Life groups are a lot of fun. When we finished with life group we had some time to rest and then head out to this local music festival on campus, called Goose Fest. It was a lot of fun where we could all connect as a team as well as meet some new people. When Goose Fest was over we headed back to our apartments and did some bonding over a game called Hot Seat. One person is basically in a hot seat as the other players ask them questions for about three to five minutes. It was a great way for us to get to know one another a little bit better. We played for quite some time, hung out, and then went to bed.

Saturday June 27th

Today our group went on a hike at a place known as Girdwood. It is about an hour from where we are. The cool thing about this hike is that we invited some of the people we had been evangelizing too. Most of them wanted to come along. We spent most of our time there hiking, talking, and making connections. We also got to use this cool little thing, called a hand tram. Two people get inside of it and pull a rope to move it from one side to the other. It stretches over a waterfall. After our hike we visited a bakeshop where we grabbed a few treats before heading back to school. By the time we arrived back on campus we all needed a nap, so that’s what we did. At around seven we all woke back up and had an international dinner. International dinner is where the staff made us foods from different countries and we traveled to their apartments to eat it. It was also a symbol of how many people in the assigned country have heard the gospel. It was a pretty hard truth to hear, but it was cool to learn about other countries and how they need to be reached. After our dinner we all hung out for a little bit and packed up our things for tomorrow nights fishing/camping trip.


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