Living Alaska: Week 3


Sunday June 28th

Today we woke up and headed of the church to continue volunteering. I was in a classroom with the babies during the first service, which I loved, and then I was with two year olds for the second service. It was a lot of fun and a little bit stressful the second service. We had a lot of toddlers who were basically free range. After church we grabbed lunch and then gathered all our belongings and packed up for our overnight camping trip. Once the cars were loaded we drove for about two hours until we reached the Kenai Peninsula where it meets the Russian River. We unloaded, set up tents, and got dinner started. During dinner we had an activity where half of the group had roles and the other half had to be servers. It really taught us how we should be towards others and how we should strive to serve others. It was a lot of fun. After dinner some of us suited up and made our way down to the river to do some fishing. I didn’t begin fishing until about 12:30 am. I wasn’t really sure what to expect either. I had imagined nice quiet fishing where you just sit and wait for something to snag your reel. I was wrong. The style of fishing we did was combat fishing. You constantly had to be casting your line and it felt like if you caught a fish that it was pure luck. A few people caught some fish, but I didn’t. I made it until about 4:30 am and then I headed back to our campsite to get some sleep.

Monday June 29th

Regardless of how much sleep we had gotten we promptly awoke at eightish for breakfast. We all gathered around and talked about everyone’s fishing experiences from the night before. A few people went back out to fish some more after breakfast and others of us rested and cleaned up camp. We left our site and hit the road at about noon. We stopped to debrief and also to grab some snacks on the way back, and then most of us fell asleep. When we returned to campus most of us spent the rest of the night relaxing, but my friend Kaila and I, along with our leader, Erin, went to go see the movie Inside Out. It was super adorable and very relatable with how God can work in our lives.

Tuesday June 30th

Today we returned to our normal routine of morning devotions, followed by life group, and volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club. It was so great how the kids greeted us there. They were so excited that we returned. One of the leaders at the Boys and Girls Club really needed our help with a field trip so two of my friends and I said we were up for it. Little did we know that it entailed taking eight students on a scavenger hunt around downtown anchorage by ourselves. It was a little bit stressful, but in the end it was ultimately a lot of fun and satisfying. After volunteering we went back to campus and had group dinner and prayer time followed by fro-yo and hanging out. One of our hangout activities involved Frisbee where I managed to get hit in the face, but it was actually a really funny moment filled with a lot of laughter.

Wednesday July 1st

This morning we did our devotional time at McDonald’s. A few of us were just really craving McDonald’s breakfast. After we returned we went straight into training time and discussed the Holy Spirit and how our lives have changed since we have become Christian’s. After training we went out to campus to evangelize. Today was a little more frustrating than usual. Not many people were around and when we did find people they didn’t seem interested or have much to say. It was a little disheartening, but we persevered and didn’t give up. We returned from evangelizing to have group dinner and a water fight for ne of the staff kid’s birthday. It was so much fun and it was great to see how much joy it brought to everyone. When the party had concluded we went into our reflection time where we spend the night in solitude. Some of us went to a coffee shop to have a change of scenery and it was very relaxing.

Thursday July 2nd

Today we did our devotions as usual and then had some training time. After training we usually go out on campus to evangelize, but campus was closed. Instead we learned about how to evangelize via social media and then we put it into practice. It was really cool and also nerve wracking to evangelize to people in this way. Once we were finished with our media evangelization we split up for men and women’s time. We discussed the passage in Genesis about Rachel, Leah, and Jacob. That passage allowed us to realize that God is worth more than anything. After our discussion time we were served dinner by the guys. They are so great and did a wonderful job with our meal. Once dinner was finished and cleaned up us women decided to watch a movie, paint nails, watch YouTube, and just spend time together. It was a really great time.

Friday July 3rd

It’s hard to believe that today is already July the third. This morning we did our devotions at a coffee shop and then we followed with processing time. It was really great and we discussed how to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. We had some rest time afterwards and then Life Groups which my friend Kaila and I had the pleasure of leading. We spent the rest of the evening just hanging out, having Thai food for dinner, and then finishing with fro-yo and keeping one another company. It was a relatively chill day and one of the last days with our staff.

Saturday July 4th

Today we started out by going to the Fourth of July parade in the city. It was a little rainy, but we still had fun. Once the parade was over we went to a craft market and looked around. After leaving the city we came back to campus to hangout and have dinner one last time as a full group. It was very bitter sweet. Once dinner was finished and cleaned up, we headed out to Flat Top, where we all gathered on our first night here. It was time for staff turnover. It was quite windy so we gathered on the hillside and we prayed. All of us students huddled together as staff stood behind us with their hands on a few of our shoulders. Staff prayed first and pulled their hands away when they finished. Then us students prayed. When we finished and opened our eyes, staff was no longer there. It was pretty sad, but also cool for all 12 of us students to be gathered together, especially since Jesus had 12 disciples. We then huddled in this cool little tree fort, did some praise and worship, and then headed back to campus to all hangout with one another and play a game. It was a pretty great day.


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